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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Snail's Pace

Lately life seems to be moving at lightning speed.

But I'm moving at a snail's pace.


I am lethargic. Which lends itself to feeling uninspired, and sometimes down right grumpy.  These are not things I am used to feeling.  Normally, I am energetic, creative, and fun. Or at least I think I am!

So what has caused this dramatic change?  After some reflection I think I may be struggling with anemia. I am a vegetarian. However, I have never been anemic before.  I eat a wide variety of iron rich foods.  Plus I take a multi-vitamin. I have been doing this for more than 20 years, so I am pretty in tune to what my body needs.

But anemia is the only thing that makes sense.

So I started an iron supplement today.  It is a liquid, and boy oh boy can it ruin your taste buds for an hour.  The very nice lady at my local vitamin store told me that she thought it tasted good. We obviously have very different palates. (Thank goodness I wasn't looking for a wine recommendation.) But if it can put a pep back in my step it will all be worth it!

Cross your fingers for me. Oh, and if you have any guidance, feel free to leave it below.

I am open to suggestions!

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  1. Well, snap. If you weren't a vegetarian I'd tell you to try liver--I know, I know--but I adore it and in fact, fixed awesome calf liver tonight. When I was pregnant with Lovely Daughter, starting at month four, I ate liver for lunch every single day. Craved it.
    Spinach for you girlfriend!
    :-) Lisa