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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buy and Drink a Bottle of Opus One - Check!

It's about Ray. As it so often is.

We are sitting at dinner, the San Diego skyline is sparkling in the distance and I have just been gifted with the most incredible bottle of wine, a check for the Life List, and a question.

Opus One?

The answer is so much simpler than the feelings behind it.

For Rays' 70th birthday, a group of friends took him out to dinner and bought him a bottle of Opus One. And then they drank it... right then.

Ray wasn't really a wine drinker. He liked Crown Royal, on the rocks. This man, whom I loved and respected above all others, and who normally drank Crown Royal, thought Opus One was a great wine. A wine to celebrate your 70th birthday.That fact, made an impression on my 21 year old, no wine knowledge self. A mere three years later he was gone, and I made a note:

Buy and drink a bottle of Opus One.

Memories. Tucked away and stored like the silver spoon Nanny's Mama buried in the back yard when those damn Yankees came.

My memories.

And that night, a new one.

This is my nephew Joe and his terrific girlfriend Katie. Joe goes to a great college here in San Diego and it is for that reason that we get to see much more of him... and his family!
Next we have my nephew Luke and Karen Ray. Could there be cuter cousins? I'm not entirely sure. My nephew Sam isn't pictured because it is Baseball Season. There are no vacations during Baseball Season. Or trips from college for a family dinner. Which is why you don't see my lovely Megs and Erin...
And then we have Nancy. I am lucky to call her my Sister. There are so many people in my life that I am blessed to know. Nancy tops the list. Her equally awesome husband Mark is not pictured, because he is in the CIA. I'm just kidding. Mark was unable to make the trip this time, but next time... LOOK OUT San Diego!
So the story is this. Nancy and Mark decided that I needed another check for my Life List (which is amazing and wonderful and kind and thoughtful)... And because they love food and wine as much as Tim and I, they bought me a bottle of Opus One.

I'm sorry, I need to repeat that.

They bought me a bottle of OPUS ONE!!!
I nearly fell over.

And then I teared up.
Joe asked me why Opus One.
And I told my story.
We ate.
We laughed.
I loved every single drop and every single minute.

And I am pretty sure Ray was there with us.

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  1. I'm pretty sure Ray is around more often than we think! Great wine, fantastic people and a perfect night!