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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Thought on Resisting Temptation

Today I am baking Tim's Birthday cake, chocolate cake, marshmallow filling, chocolate ganache frosting. I am also baking 96 carrot cake cupcakes and frosting 200 carrot cake cupcakes for an entirely separate party. To say this is a recipe for disaster while just getting started on my Healthy Eating Makeover 2011, is to put it mildly.

But then a thought occurred to me. Why not make a healthy snack as readily accessible as the bounty of unhealthy cake-related hoo-haw all around me?

So I washed a bunch of strawberries, put them in a bowl, and sat them smack in the middle of my work station.
And you know what? It worked. Having them right at my fingertips, helped me to make the right choice... I didn't even lick the spoon!

So, as I am headed into a holiday weekend filled with barbecues and parties, and I am facing making something to bring to each one, I think I am going to employ this trick.

Tomorrow I'm chopping up a cucumber!

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