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Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Love - Or What to Sing When Supreming an Orange

I promised you a post about how to supreme an orange a couple of weeks ago, and every time i think about writing the post, I also think about The Supremes.  So I thought... why not a little background music for the lesson? 

I sing this song to my 5 month old niece all the time.  She loves it. The song, probably not my singing, that is.

So if you're inclined, please press play and then scroll down.

How to Supreme an Orange
This is quick an easy.  All you need is a sharp pairing knife, a cutting board, and your orange.

Cut the two ends off of the orange.  Sit it upright on the cutting board.

Starting at the top slice down the side of the orange, between the flesh and the peel.  When you are done you will have strips of peel on the cutting board.  Turn the orange over and check to make sure there aren't any stray pieces of peel to trim off.

Take your pairing knife and cut down next to each white membrane line.  At the end of every second cut, your perfect orange sections should pop right out.

When you are finished you will have beautiful oranges for a salad, or a dessert, or just to make someone feel special...

Karen Ray loves oranges like this!

And just because I think it is cool, this is what the center and membrane of your orange will look like when you are done.  It makes me feel very chef-like when I finish with them all intact.  It doesn't happen every time!

Oh, and I know you may think that I am crazy for doing this.  You probably think it looks like a pain, and would take to long... but it doesn't. 

In fact, just to prove it, I timed myself.  (Let's call it research, and not being an overly zealous food-geek.)

I set the timer on the microwave for 2 minutes.  Pressed start.  Supremed my orange.  Tripped over the dog (I didn't realize she had snuck up behind me to see if I dropped anything on the floor).  Pressed stop. 

The timer read 37 seconds.  I figure I was a second or two faster than that, what with travel time, and tripping...

Plus there was no blood. 

Which is only shocking if you know me.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the music to go along with the lesson. I'm going to time myself I'll keep you posted.