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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day Two - Teen Edition

Teen gifts are especially hard to buy.  At least for me.  And when I say teen, I really mean teen/young adult.  Right now I am blessed to have two daughters in college.  While this is an amazing time in their lives, and in ours, it is also a difficult shopping period!

You don't want to buy the silly fun things you might have picked up in prior years, because they live in a confined amount of space, AND any thing that they take to college...must be brought home from college.   The last thing you want is for everything not to fit in the car!  You also don't want to give them only practical gifts, because they have learned to live practically being away at school, and isn't Christmas about joy and fun and whimsy?

Which leaves me struggling for inspiration. 

And yet who better for a g2g gift, than the young adult in your life?  That is one of my favorite things about that time.  They believe they can change the world.  Why not help them do it?!

Music Lover

A registered 501 (c)(3) charity, Save the Music is an organization sponsored by VH1, and aimed at keeping music education in the schools.  When you visit their website, there is a shop tab in the upper right corner.  While there are many ways to donate, I am particularly fond of the Student Advocate option.  For $25 they get a downloadable membership card (which actually gets them discounts from Foundation partners), a Student Advocate t-shirt, and my favorite part... tips on how to be an advocate for music education in their own school.


The Nature Conservancy is a BBB Wise Giving Alliance Accredited Charity.  According to their website, "The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to preserve the plants, animals, and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive."  They actually have a Green Holiday Gift page where you can Adopt a Rainforest, Protect a Coral Reef, Plant Trees, and many, many more things.

Most people have heard about Lance Armstrong and his incredible victory over cancer. Inspire your athlete to strive harder, reach higher, and dream bigger by purchasing Livestrong products. All of the profits from the Nike Livestrong merchandise Go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help fight cancer. You can find Livestrong products at many sports retailers, as well as

I realize that I listed this under kids gifts, but I think it holds true for the young adult athlete as well.  Why not take it one step further and include a copy of Lance's book, It's Not About the Bike ?  It is a great read!

Sweet Soul

The Make a Wish Foundation is such an incredible organization, and I loved creating fun ideas to make a donation and inspire the child in your life.  That donation could also inspire a teen or young adult.  There is message jewelry every where you look right now.  Why not pick up a bracelet or necklace with the word Wish or Dream on it and package it with a donation card to the Make a Wish Foundation?  Wearing that piece of jewelry will carry with it the memory of you as well as the amazing work done by the Foundation.


While most of my gift ideas revolve around donations to charities, I also thought I should mention encouraging activism. There is no shortage of injustices in the world, and inspiring someone to use their voice is a noble and important thing to do.

On the NOH8 website, there is a shop icon. If Gay and Lesbian Equality is something that inspires someone close to you, why not show them that you support their opinions and goals by purchasing a NOH8 t-shirt, or wristband. The connection you make with that gift, will go further than a twenty dollar bill in a card ever could!

World Changer

Fighting to eradicate hunger and extreme poverty, few movements connect with youth the way that the One Campaign does.  Their grassroots initiatives are firmly ensconced in the young adults of the world, and shows them that they have the power to make a real difference in the world around them.  Help them get started by shopping in the One Store.

So, are you inspired yet?  I know I am!

Stay tuned tomorrow for g2g for everyone!

Same Bat time.  Same Bat Channel.

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