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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day Three - Everyone Else

So here we go.  I am going to keep the descriptions a little briefer in this post, because I got a little carried away and there are a lot of links!  I hope you have enjoyed my g2g Christmas ideas, and maybe found a little inspiration!  It is so easy to make a difference in the world around us.  We just have to choose to do it!

Coffee Maniac
I love this business.  The are a purveyor of fair trade organic coffee.  They utilize the funds raised through the sale of their coffee to support both their church and their many outreach programs.  Their monthly subscription program would make a terrific gift for the coffee drinker in your life.  Oh, and they have some special gifts available for Christmas.  You can find pictures on their facebook page!  Oh, and did I mention the coffee is delicious?  Because it is!

Pajama Girl
It is not uncommon to find me in my pajamas before 6:30 at night.  Don't judge me, I like to be comfortable!  Punjammies is part of The International Princess Project.  Founded in 2005 they advocate for women and girls sold into prostitution in the red light district of India.  The making and selling of Punjammies gives them an opportunity to change their future.  Read the story.  It will make you want a pair of their beautiful Punjammies.  The Lakshmi Lily are my favorite!

We all know an avid golfer.  I have bought my share of golf balls, golf shirts, golf shoes, and even rounds cards.  I know Tim appreciated those gifts, but I truly think he would love this even more.  American Lake Veteran's Golf Course is a 9 hole golf course located in Tacoma, Washington.  According to their website they, "promote the rehabilitation of our disabled veterans through the healing power of golf, in an atmosphere of camaraderie that aids in the healing transition of their physical, mental and emotional challenges."  Currently, in partnership with Jack Nicklaus they are adding on a second nine.  Your donation would help to support the amazing work they are doing there everyday.

A special woman in your life
This is the organization that started my g2g Christmas.  If you remember, I talked about my friend Niki's trip to Africa while working with CARE.  It was inspiring and life changing.  CARE has many amazing programs at work in the world.  Your donation will help them continue.  A few of my favorites are:
Let Her Live -  Care's Maternal Health Work.  They are trying to promote access to safe pregnancy and delivery methods for 30 million women in Africa, Asia, and Latin America by 2015. 
Let Her Learn - Care's Education Work.  Their goal is to empower 10 million girls around the world to access quality primary education and gain leadership skills.
They have many other tremendous programs.  Poke around the website.  See what you find!

The New Home Owner
No one knows the blood, sweat, tears, and money that goes into a home better than the new homeowner.  Making a donation to Habitat for Humanity can help make the dream of a home a reality for someone who never thought it would be possible.  When you give a Gift From the Heart, they will mail a card to your recipient letting them know of your gift.  My favorite part?  Right on the side of the donation form it tells you what your money will buy!

World Changer
Episcopal Relief and Development is one of my very favorite charities.  There is such diversity in the gifts available, and the opportunity to make a significant difference, for a small amount of money is incredible!  For example:  You can give a goat, a duck, a mosquito net, a clean water system, a fruit tree, or a stove ... just to name a few.  The catalog has so many amazing opportunities, choosing can be a problem!

Keep in mind, many ideas from the teen section and kids section could be applied to the adults in your life as well.  In fact, if someone wants to get me these Tom's shoes... I'm a size 8.

Oh, and one more quick thing. 

If these things still didn't fit the bill, why not continue the search yourself?  And if you have an idea that I didn't list here, add it in the comments.  There are so many world changing organizations out there doing amazing work.  Let's share the love!

And finally...

Thank you for coming along on my Give Two Gifts Christmas journey!  I hope you've enjoyed the ride!

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