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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WOMP - Take Two

I did better this week with pictures (pats self on back).  And funny enough, this process has lead to a couple of other great places.

The Goose has decided that she wants to learn to cook, so she has taken over the Wednesday night dinner (with assistance of course).  And I am eating healthier over all.

I have always eaten a standardized breakfast, an over easy egg on a corn tortilla.  But now I find myself standardizing my lunch as well. Spinach Salad.  I change the toppings based on what is around, but it always has some sort of nuts and some sort of cheese on it.  I am currently obsessed with the dressing from Thursday nights salad.  I made a vat of it and stuck it in a squeeze bottle in the fridge.  Just as easy as store bought dressing.  Twice as tasty.

I love when life gets on a roll!

WOMP -  Take Two

Chicken, Apple and Brie Paninis with Sweet Potato Fries
I spread two pieces of panini bread with brie, fill with peeled and sliced Granny Smith apples
and left over  chicken and stick them in the panini press.
Chicken and Dumplings
My great-grandmother's recipe (posting tomorrow)
Made by Karen Ray
Chef Salad recipe from Cooking Light.
Amazing Dressing recipe from Cooking Light as well.
After a busy week, Friday night's dinner has to be easy.
All I want is to relax and enjoy my family.
The best part of tostadas is that they can be formulated to please everyone!
Chicken Piccata with Summer Vegetable Pasta.
Recipe from Cooking Light.
If you make this one (it is very, very good) do yourself a favor and prep it in advance.
It took longer to make than expected, but that was because I didn't read the prep involved before starting.
French Dip with green beans and Tim's Asiago, garlic oven fries.
The French Dip recipe is from the blog A Year of Slow Cooking.
If you haven't visited Stephanie O'Dea's blog before it is a great resource for a busy family!
Tim's Asiago garlic oven fries recipe will be posted soon.
Monday - Out to dinner with friends.  After a day at the beach, it was just what the Doctor ordered!

So how did you do this week?  Have you been menu planning?  Are you taking pictures?  Do you find there are other changes that are developing in conjunction with the process?

I can't wait to see them... link up below!

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