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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WOMP! - What's On My Plate

The inspiration for this post comes from The Pleated Poppy.  She has a terrific blog, and an amazing Shop.  You should visit it.  Every Wednesday she runs a post: WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday).  It is an effort to get out of the sweats/jeans/comfy clothes that so many of us moms call our daily uniform.  I love to follow it, and someday I hope to participate.  Right now, I care for my niece who is still in the pulling on the neck of your shirt, drooling on your shoulder, flinging food stage... so Monday-Friday I wear t-shirts.  It is much less disheartening to have those baby-fied, than my regular wardrobe.  I am trying to dress cuter on the weekends though! 

I digress.

Today I was thinking that I need to get back into menu planning.  I know it sounds tedious to many of you, but I love it.  I find that I eat better, my family enjoys more variety, and I make less trips to the grocery store, when dinner is planned in advance.

Then I started thinking that I needed a new recipe for the blog.  (yes my brain is always this scattered.)  Which made me think about photographing it.  Which made me think how much we all enjoy photographing our food. 

You know it's true.  Half the time I am on Facebook, there is a photo of a delicious meal that a friend is rubbing in my face enjoying. 

Think about it.  If you photograph your dinner everyday for a week, would you be more likely to make something healthy and beautiful (which usually go hand in hand by the way), instead of making pasta or ordering Dominoes?  I think I would.

Which leads to The Idea

I am going to photograph my meals this week.  I can't guarantee it will be every meal, but I will do my best.  Then next Tuesday, I will post what I made this week.  As often as possible, I will link to recipes underneath my pictures.  Unless I didn't like it, in which case I will tell you that too.  They can't all be winners.

There is no judgement if you order pizza.  There are nights when pizza is exactly what I want.  This is just an opportunity to get out of the food "sweatpants".  A chance to branch out, try something new, or just to share your food love with the world. 

It sounds like a lot more fun than joining the gym this January. 

Oh, and I will set it up so you can add your own WOMP at the bottom of my post next week.

Happy New Year!


  1. I am loving this idea Charlie!
    I may try to participate in this as well.

  2. Thanks Kim! I would love it if you did! I am following along on your 52 week project, and trying to get up the hutzpah (sp?) to participate... might be 51 weeks if I can get my act together!