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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adventures in Egg Land

This is one of my very favorite "breakfast for dinner" recipes.  It is goooood.  Good enough that it makes the regular rotation.  Good enough that I will share the recipe with you! 

Much like most of my favorite recipes, it comes from Cooking Light.  Also, much like all of my favorite recipes, I have made a few changes...

1.  I don't put the potatoes in the recipe.  I prefer to add a side of crispy hash browns.

2.  I change the veggies all the time.  Whatever I find in the crisper is the ingredient du jour.  Sometimes it is spinach, onion, and mushroom... sometimes broccoli, peppers and onion, sometimes the ones listed.  Variety is the spice of life, and I embrace it!

3.  Merry Christmas!  and Happy New Year!  I am hoping to post again between now and then, but in case I don't... consider yourself wished!

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  1. I just tried posting and honestly, Charlie, I have no idea what I did, so if you receive two, sorry!
    I love eggs and a neighbor is selling fresh eggs for $1 a dozen. Needless to say, we're eating lots of eggs now. Plus, with them being so uber cheap, I don't mind using half a dozen in recipes that call for lots of eggs, like pavlova. It's a win/win. Except for my hips.... :-) Lisa