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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Cakes - A Story

We had the birthday trifecta for probably the last time this year. Karen Ray's party was on Sunday. Her birthday was on Monday, which meant cupcakes for school and a cake for after dinner. 3 cakes in 24 hours is a huge undertaking. Especially when you are creating the World...
Karen Ray's party cake was incredible.
The party was a Mother Earth theme, and so when she asked for the World,
Tim gave it to her.
The cake was made using a soccer ball shaped pan from Michael's. Tim baked two of them, spent hours frosting them, and then glued them together using a combination of dowels, frosting and a cardboard circle.

                                               He used toffee bits for the mountain ranges.

The cake sat on the bottom of an upside down bowl, on top of a lazy Susan.
That way it could spin...
Yes, we are that dorky.
For school Karen Ray wanted Gluten Free Boston Creme Cupcakes.
While I used baking mixes, I thought a little guidance into the process might be helpful.
I am posting instructions this afternoon for anyone that would like to make them.
Finally, the family cake. My inspiration came from Karen Ray's obsession with Skittles.
I used a large bag of Skittles to decorate the outside.

The inside rainbow cake recipe was adapted from several recipes online. I tend to try to keep things simple, so  I paired down the instructions tremendously.
If you want to make one of your own, this is what I did.
1. Prepare a white cake mix according to package directions.
2. Divide into 6 cups, and color with 6 shades of food coloring. You want to have the most red, and the least purple, but that was as specific as I got during the process.
3. Grease a large bundt pan.
4. Pour the colored cake mixes into the pan one at a time. The red should cover the entire bottom of the pan. The orange should cover all but a thin perimeter of the red. The yellow should cover all but a thin perimeter of the orange, and so on. That way when it bakes, you end up with a rainbow shape and not just a crazy colored cake!
5. Invert, frost, decorate.
If you would like a more complete tutorial, the best one I have seen is from Not Martha. You can find her recipe here.

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