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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WOMP - A Makeover

Yesterday I talked a lot about doing the things that make me happy. Food, nutrition, menu planning and sharing all of that with you adds to my joy. Taking a picture of what I cooked? Not so much. That isn't because I'm not proud of my food. I'm just not proud of my food pictures

Up until about two weeks ago, my camera was pathetic. My family rectified that situation on my birthday. I was given an amazing camera so that I can better document my culinary adventures! I am blessed and overwhelmed by their generosity and thoughtfulness. I can not wait to start posting pictures that show my food to be the incredible, delicious, vibrant  food that I know it to be! Look for those pictures starting later this week.

That wasn't the only issue though. Taking a picture of dinner every night was stressful. Sometimes things get crazy around here. Kids and adults are on different schedules and headed in different directions several days out of every week. Getting  a shot of a perfectly composed plate isn't always possible. 

It isn't that I want to give up on WOMP. 
I just need to make it work in my life.

So I give you: WOMP (What's On My Plate) - A Makeover
Each week, on Monday, I will post the weeks menu. This gives me the opportunity to menu plan, and document culinary adventures. I will also post links to the prior weeks recipes, if they were hits. Anything that is a Deadly Zin creation will be documented in it's own post, and I will link to it in the next weeks WOMP.

For example, I am very excited to share with you my incredible Chipotle Smashed and my Healthy(er) Huevos Rancheros.

I am also revamping the linking process so that you can link a picture of your weekly menu even if you don't have a blog. Maybe a WOMP Flikr group? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

And who knows, maybe seeing what everyone else is cooking will inspire us to travel in new culinary directions! I would love knowing what's on your plate!

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