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Monday, November 8, 2010

What I've Been Doing While I Haven't Been Here.

Sometimes life gets in the way of even the best of intentions.  You know... my plan to blog everyday in October?  I was doing great for awhile, but then it all went to hell in the proverbial hand basket.

The source of my downfall?

Well first:
We went to Chicago to visit Erin at Northwestern.
Holy fun time Batman!
I made this costume.
(The incredibly adorable baby is my niece!)
And this costume.

Yes, Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt has a wine tube for a quiver. 

 after which:
Tim hurt his back.  So we took advantage of his weakened condition and dressed him in a Rapunzel wig.
followed by: 
My amazing sister, her wonderful husband and myself throwing the Chili Cook Off (that was Tim's idea), without him.
and ultimately:
Megs came down to visit us from UCLA!
This picture isn't from her visit, but I didn't take a single shot this weekend.
And I think this pic is cute and fun.  So there!
In synopsis: I've been busy.

But I'm back now.
Consider yourself warned!

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