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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bubbles Make Everything Better

I want to write a post about Prosecco.  Why I love it.  Why I prefer it to Champagne and Sparkling Wine for holiday parties.  I want to tell you how I love that it is fruity and dry and has a full mouth feel with just the right amount of bubbles.

But I'm stuck.  Someone threw up a big old road block in my brain.  I blame this wretched head cold.

So I will leave you with these two tips.

1.  Buy the Riondo Prosecco.  Gamble on it.  It is worth it.  Most times I can pick up a bottle for around $13.  You can do better than that if you live near a World Market.  They are offering a 1.5 of the Riondo Prosecco for $19.  This is an especially good deal if you are having a party.

2.  Put a pretty little dish of pomegranate seeds next to your champagne glasses.  A teaspoon of pomegranate seeds will make your presentation festive and interesting.  The seeds will rise and fall in the glass with the bubbles. 
I am sure that you appreciate that I take most of my pictures on the bathroom floor.
That room has the best lighting... and a pretty floor!
Oh and tip #3.  (I know that I said two tips, but I just thought of this.)  Why not pick up sparkling cider for your younger guests?  It is cute and fun, and will make them feel included in your party!  Actually, sparkling cider is in the picture above.  I wasn't going to waste a bottle of Prosecco when I have this head cold!



  1. Charlie, I agree that bubbles make everything better! I make homemade "champagne" and we drink it quite often because it's so cheap to make and tastes so darn bubbly good!
    Lisa @KarmaPerDiem

  2. Okay Lisa, I totally need to know how to do this! Can you send me the how to? Or post it on your blog? I would totally link to it! Who doesn't want to know how to make their own "champagne"?!